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En. Tamsir Samsun No Longer Represents Semarak Murni Sdn Bhd

October 16, 2012

Announcement With immediate effect, En. Tamsir Samsun no longer represents Semarak Murni Sdn Bhd. Thus, he is no longer authorised to conduct any business on behalf of Semarak Murni Sdn Bhd.   The Management Semarak Murni Sdn Bhd  

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Welcome To Semarak Murni Sdn Bhd Official Website

August 1, 2011

Welcome Welcome to the official page of Semarak Murni Sdn Bhd. The company offers development opportunities to hotel operators, which covers consultation, remodeling, additions and construction. While most of our projects are based in Malaysia, we are looking at the opportunities to reach out to the international market. Our team is comprised of dedicated, talented […]

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